What is Moshi Rock RE:Connect?

Moshi Rock, our series of mini gigs which serve as a platform for musicians and fans alike to celebrate the love for all things JACG music (J-rock/pop, Anime, Comics & Games…yes we came up with this term ourselves) is back!

Staying true to being a “platform”, we are continuing the tradition of opening the gig up for bands to register. If you’re in a band or know any bands who nerd out to Anime/video game music or J-rock/pop, let us know your presence or help spread the word!

Band Lineup

Rina Hime Band




Kick The Luck Away

orange juice orange juice

The Oni-Sons

Event Details

Date4th December 2022
Time3.00PM to 8.00pm
VenueAngguk Studio
(Ara Damansara)

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